discover lots of things in Teheran

Teheran is the capital of Iran and with a population of circa 9 million the cultural and economic center of the country. The city is located at the foot of the 5610 meter high Alborz mountains. Some of the highlight attractions include:

  • The Sadabad Complex - the summer residence of the Shah with its palaces and park-like surroundings impress thousands of visitors every year
  • The Golestan Palace from the 19th century is home to a museum where you can see ceramics, jewelry, weapons and the Marble Throne.
  • The unbelievable amount of jewelry and throne pieces covered in thousands of precious gems in the National Jewels Museum will take your breath away.
  • Visit the valley of Darband and all its restaurants at the edge of the river.
  • The bazar in the south of Teheran consists off over 10,000 shops where you can find everything the orient has to offer: exotic spices, foods, jewelry, clothes, carpets, copper and silver works.

Many more attractions could be listed here - in the apartment you can find more information with tips and directions.

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